Search Engine Optimization

The term SEO is used to explain any marketing service that is used to help you get found on search engines like google. You just created a new website so now its time to make money right? Wrong! Imagine if you was a store owner, and you did not advertise your business, and you don’t put up any signs. No one will ever shop at your store because no one will ever know you are there. It works the same way with SEO. After you finish your website, now you have to get noticed.

How we provide our service for you?

Generic Search Submission

The first thing we do is make sure you can be found on search engines when a search is done using your exact business name. When you give your business card to someone, in all likelihood they will look you up to find more info about you. You want to make sure you can be found that way.

Search Engine Indexing

Search Engine Indexing is a method used to submit your business information to all search engines. The major search engines determine the position of your listing using a few factors, one very inportant one is your indexing. The more times you pop up on the internet the higher your rank.

Website Optimization

Indexing is not the only thing the major search engines take in consideratir. Below is a list of other factors they take in consideratir

  • Page speed
  • Useful info
  • Formatting

Your website must be well optimized. We make all the necessary changes to your website

Blog, and Social Media Linking

We link all your Blog, and Social Media Accounts with your website so all the search engines will understand the association.


SEO Service

$350 Monthly fee

  • Website indexing
  • Generic search results
  • Blog and social media linking
  • Website optimization

Questions or Comments

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