Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a highly effective marketing tool. Social Media is one of the most effective way of sharing information with large numbers of people. The key to an effective Social media marketing experience is a combination of consistency and patients. Staying consistent with posting on social media keeps your audience engaged, and increases awareness. The more you understand about your business the more effective you would be at getting business.

We take a unique approach towards marketing your business. We work with you to make effective steps towards your goals. Not only do we create high quality postings, we also consult with you. We give you advice on all aspects of your marketing plan. Plus you get 20% off on all our marketing products.

How it works

Mass Posting

We post to your social media accounts once per day. We provide high quality info-graphics, and images for your social media post

Scheduled Postings

We set a schedule that will randomly repost past postings to get the maximum exposure.

Social Media Platform Optimization

We consult with you, and help you manage your social media accounts. We produce high quality banners, and we also edit your own photos. We also put your watermark logo on your photos to give your photos a personal touch.

Pricing and Plans

Social Media Marketing Monthly Plan

$150 Monthly

  • Social media management service
  • 20% off all marketing services
  • Custom design and high quality images.